Method for Creating Wisdom from Knowledge
   for Task realization

・著者名:江崎 通彦(著)





  『課題を実現する』 の英語版です
   Recommendation for this book “Method for Creating Wisdom from Knowledge” for Task realization

Part 1 Wisdom of task realization 

Chapter 1 Problem and Task
 1. “Problem Solving” through“Task” Realization 
 2. Questions oriented for “Problem solving” and questions for “Task realization” 
 3. “Method for Creating Wisdom from Knowledge” for Task realization

Chapter 2 Wisdom of Task Realization - 3 Basic Methods
 1. Method of discovering the appropriate purpose and means for task realization: Purpose Measure Diagram (PMD) 
 2. Method of creating the procedure for task realization: Steplist Method 
 3. Method of providing the most suitable solution to tasks of “things” and “systems” that require function and mechanism: FBS (Function Breakdown Structure) Technique 

Part 2 Five methods for task achievement: contents / how to advance it, and related cases

Chapter 3 Purpose Measure Diagram (PMD Methodology)
 1. PMD: a birth of a new method
 2. Related case: A helicopter was utilized as an emergency patient's transport carrier 
 3. Procedure of the PMD Method 
 4. Effectiveness of the PMD 
 5. Exercise: Training sheet for creating a PMD 
 6. Various styles of the PMD 

Chapter 4 The Steplist Method   
 1. What is the Steplist? 
 2. What can be done with the Steplist 
 3. Creation of the Steplist 
 4. Case example of creating a Steplist

Chapter 5 The 3-5 Phase Improvement Method
  1. The 3-5 phase improvement that links improving the present state and planning for the future
  2. Procedures for creating the 3-5 Phase Improvement

Chapter 6 FBS (Function Breakdown Structure) technique: A method of creating the image of the most suitable mechanism and component of things and systems
 1. What is the FBS technique?  
 2. Mechanism and Breakdown Structure of things and systems
 3. A method of further deepening the image/idea 
 4. Mechanism of decision making and Judgment for actions 

Chapter 7 Implementation Plan for Task Realization
 1. What is the “Implementation Plan”
 2. Creation procedure of the“Implementation Plan”
 3. Framework of the organization

Chapter 8 Summary

Column 1 : Relationship between offer and acceptance 
Column 2 : Until the “Method for Creating Wisdom from Knowledge” arises 
Column 3 : Additional fundamental principle included in the Implementation Plans 
Column 4 : Why is this book a “Method for Creating Wisdom from Knowledge” ? 
Column 5 : The reason why PMDs must be aligned vertically 
Column 6 : “Design To Customersユ Needs” the founding principles for the “Method for Creating Wisdom from Knowledge”, to reach common goals in business and management seamlessly
Column 7 : Comparison with the conventional problem solving method 
Column 8 : The relationship between PMD, Steplist, FBS, and 3-5 Phase Improvement 

AfterwordAfterword of the translator of “Method for creating Wisdom from Knowledge”Appendix 1Appendix 2